I am occasionally available to offer hand-poked tattoos in the Bay Area. See more of my work @newworkcomingsoon.

︎︎︎see below for more information about booking with me︎︎︎

Booking Form

my tattooing practice
(please read before filling out a booking request)

  • You must be 18+ years old to book with me.
  • My handpoke tattoos take between 1-4 hours to complete. An estimated time will be included on your appointment email. However, please be on time and plan for possibility that our appointment might take longer than anticipated based on other factors beyond actual tattooing time (such as pain management, size adjustments, and stencil placement).
  • If requesting custom work, I will draw and tattoo within my aesthetic style and means. Please don’t request tattoos drawn by other artists or based on copyrighted images. I will redraw your ideas and reference images in my style.
  • I offer pricing for tattoos based on size, complexity and design (custom/flash).  I accept venmo and cash. While I don’t often book by an hourly rate, for your reference my hourly average ranges on a sliding scale from $100-$130. I am always down to work with your budget and payment plan. I occasionally will trade for other tattoo work I am interested in :) I do not require tips, however tips of cash or gifts are welcomed with delight! 
  • Appointment reminder: please show up in comfortable clothing, fed, well-hydrated. Do not arrive hungover or under the influence--this is imperative for us to be able to work together with clear consent and communication to make your tattoo.
  • Please respect my time and care by showing up to your appointment on time, physically and mentally prepared to communicate your vision and needs for our session together.
  • I believe tattoos can be an impactful and transformative process for the client. I aim to uphold reverence for the clients’ input, experience, needs, emotions that may come up during the process, and communication preferences. Please feel free to reach out with questions and/or accommodations for your appointment! 
  • Thank you for your interest in working with me. I love you!